My Writing Goals

Hey, I wanted to tell you about my writing goals. These are more long term goals that have mini-goals built into them. They’re like a goals megazord.

*ties you to a chair*

Okay now that you’re more comfortable, lets get started.

Here are my big writing goals:

Make more than enough money as a writer

“But Troy! You should just do it because you love it. Think about the exposure and the children.”

I want to make money as a writer. No I won’t apologize for it. We live in a society where things cost money and doing something I love and making money is one of my main goals. I don’t want to just get by either, I want to be comfortable. I don’t have an exact dollar amount in mind, but I want to make enough money as a writer to where I don’t have to worry financially

Publish at Least One Piece in as Many Mediums as Possible

I don’t want to just be a novelist, although I would like that to be my main deal. I want to write tv scripts, movie scripts, graphic novels, short stories m and plays. If I feel especially daring I might dabble in poetry or music too. I just want to be well-rounded as a writer. Gotta Write Em All

I will probably never write a thing with ink and quill though...

Write in many different genres

I love fantasy and science fiction. Those two will probably always be my favorite genres. However, I wouldn’t be opposed to doing horror, mystery, or even a comedy. I do want to write at least one non-fiction story as well.

Connect with People

This is probably the most important one to me. I want my stories to touch at least one person and change their lives for the better. I want somebody to learn something, get a new perspective on the world and help them find comfort in my stories. I hope that someone who reads my stories feels more able to face the world and knows they aren’t alone. I want them to feel like they’re connected to something even when they feel alone. I want my stories to speak to them, especially those who feel like they’re alone in the world.

So there you have it, those are my main writing goals as of right now. Currently working on a novel about super heroes, and I’ll be updating here and there.

Have a good week.

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