Updated: Feb 4

Fancy seeing you here.

Hm? Oh yes things are still a bit of a mess.

Yes, yes I know I'm missing basically everything, but trust me when it all comes together you'll love it here.

So, this is about my billionth attempt at a blog, but it doesn't feel right not having one. So here we go again. I'm hoping that if this one is successful the memories of blogs past will sting a little less. Anyways, I'm author Troy Pitschman and I write speculative fiction stories. I like to write immersive stories that are character driven and put the spotlight on people who don't usually get it. Apart from writing I like reading, History, Dungeons & Dragons, Magic: The Gathering, cooking, and all sorts of other things.

This blog is indeed about my books, writing, speculative fiction and all that fun stuff but it's also about married life, my pets, my interests and hobbies, and whatever shiny thing seems to grab my attention in the moment. Okay, it's more or less going to be just as much of a surprise to me what ends up being on here. That's part of the fun though, isn't it? "I wrote 1200 words today" for every blog update would get kind of boring in my mind. There may be progress updates sprinkled about here and there, but I might throw in my frustrations with sourdough starter, tell you a funny thing my cats do, or give a good shaking of the fist if I think something deserves it.

That's Halo. This is the most evil he's ever looked. He's usually a sweet boy but I guess being in the suitcase made him go mad with power?

This is Drin, he's the cat and I'm the human ( Drin is short for Mandarin but he also answers to Perry). He's a good boy mostly, but he can get kind of bitey if he's hungry. If you ask him, I've never fed him before not even once; he has never eaten.

Oh and I have a dog too, he's an old boy named Oatmeal:

Look at this happy guy! He's a German Shepherd but he doesn't do much herding (he's more of a sleeper. He does do this cute yipping thing when he sleeps sometimes though.)

Of course you'll see many posts referencing THC (short for: The Husband Creature). THC does not wish to be photographed so don't expect any pictures, but rest assured THC will be a frequent thing in my posts. THC apart from filling out the husbandly duties is my manager, and keeps me on track. They're essential to the whole operation since with my ADHD working over time I tend to get distracted very easily and my mind likes to wander.

Anywho, that's just a short little introduction as I work on sprucing this place up a bit and start to populate with posts and such. Can't wait for the update that says I'm finished writing the book I'm working on. Ah well, all in good time.

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